How Jemma Works

My therapy practice has transitioned completely online. I am able to work with clients anywhere in the state of Florida. My ideal client is looking to improve their understanding of themselves & their relationships. With this increased understanding, my goal is to add to their knowledge-base by sharing my expertise and help them to use all of this together to create the life and relationships that they truly desire. With training in the Gottman Method, I am equipped and eager to help couples and their families find healthier, more effective ways of living and communicating. Adolescents also hold a special place in my heart and I enjoy counseling them as individuals and with their families. When you see me, you will experience a friendly, comforting atmosphere and enjoy a therapist with a sense of humor and a compassionate heart. I’m always working on personal growth so that I have more to offer my clients. Though I am no longer located in my office and only practice online, this video still offers the warmth and connection you can expect to experience when working with me.