Agree to Disagree – Part 5

I’m proud of you. You were able to keep your mouth shut. Now we’re ready for step number five.

  1. Identify the actual issue.
  2. Ask for what you want. 
  3. Tell them how it would make you feel. 
  4. Shut up.
  5. Listen. Presented with such a simple request (you followed the formula, right?), the requested response is obvious. Will they or will they not consider your request? When they respond, use your active listening skills and try to understand what they’re saying. What are active listening skills?

Listen. Sounds pretty easy right? Wrong. Shutting up ≠ Listening. If you didn’t click on the Active Listening Skills Tips link, you should now. Do you have anyone you can practice these skills with? It’s worth looking into. They’re useful for all kinds of situations:

  • Events where you don’t know anyone and are forced to be social.
  • Listening to those people in your life who just LOVE telling stories.
  • When your friend, child, spouse is venting.
  • …and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Stumbled upon this in the middle? Get back to step one of these communication tips by clicking here. Totally on track and ready to learn more? Continue to communication skills step 6!

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