Agree to Disagree – Step 1

How to deal with it when there is no way you’re changing your mind and neither are they.


We’ve all been there. You think the toilet paper should roll over the top. Your partner couldn’t really care less. So, they don’t really pay attention to how they load the new roll. You’ve told them how it’s more user-friendly when you do it the right way. You’ve outlined your frustration at fumbling for the end piece and wasting precious time spinning the roll the wrong way. And you’re pretty sure everyone in the world agrees that at least consistency in roll-loading protocol is a must. So you mention that too. And you probably have your hands on your hips or your arms crossed and your eyebrows raised when you have to discuss this for the hundredth time. Ok, it’s really only the sixth, but it sure feels like more. They have their shoulders up and their mouth clamped shut. They’re never going to care which way the TP rolls. And why is this such a big deal, anyway? You’re angry and your partner is exasperated. You’re at a TP standstill.


No one likes being stuck. And it’s really annoying to have the same argument more than once. I’m going to share ten steps to help you get to a resolution effectively and efficiently over the next ten days. Here’s number one:


  1. Identify the actual issue. So many arguments are inefficient because time is wasted arguing points that don’t help solve the identified issue. In our TP scenario, it isn’t about which way the toilet paper should roll. It isn’t even about whether you should or shouldn’t find this topic important. That’s a matter of opinion and it’s clear where they each stand. What’s really going on is that Free Spirit doesn’t care about something TP Regulator cares about, even though they’ve emphasized its importance a hundred six times. Come to think of it, they have done this with other issues as well. They have drawn a conclusion that what’s important to me is disregarded and considered trivial. This is upsetting.

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