Agree to Disagree – Step 2

In a relationship, there are a lot of times that you’re just plain not going to agree. That’s ok. What’s important is that you don’t let the disagreement put a wedge between the two of you. Good, efficient communication is hard work. Lucky for you, I’ve got some steps to help you through the process. We’re ready for the second one today.

  1. Identify the actual issue.
  2. Ask for what you want. Odds are, you’ve already dedicated a significant amount of time describing the scenario that you don’t like. So there’s really no need to revisit that. Also no need to repeat why your idea is right or better. Remember, we’re going for efficient here. Just say what you want. “I want you to support me in the things I care about.”

Think about how much time and aggravation just this one step would save you. Isn’t it worth it? Step three is right here. Stumbled upon this in the middle? Get back to step one of these communication tips by clicking here.


  1. Hollis Hoier says:

    Disagreement, no matter how strong/ polar ’tis can be viewed/ perceived by the maturing, evolving spirit as an opportunity to see one’s own character reflected honestly by a loved one… this is an OPPORTUNITY for adventurous self expansion via a trusted loved one *who better to be such a guide)… Ummm, (humbly)or so I’ve come to know after 59 years of down-home struggles and post disagreement giggles… I LOVE these points of discussion and sure hope more folk will BRAVE their personal sharings… very constructive, Thanks for this blog OPP!!!HH

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