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Gratitude, and Appreciation: How to express more positivity in your relationship and safeguard it against the escalation of negativity.

Earlier this week, we went over why the expression of Fondness and Admiration is so important for your relationship. Now we’ll talk about what you can do to immediately start making progress in that department. Here are two easy ways to bolster your relationship by expressing your love in a positive way.

  1. Express Appreciation. Make sure you take time to acknowledge and express your appreciation of the good things about your partner. When we’re struggling to get along, sometimes our focus slides to the negative and we have a hard time seeing the positive aspects that we love about our partner.

How to:

Name at least three positive qualities about your partner and think of an incident that illustrates this and then share it with your spouse. For example, “I appreciate how punctual you are. Just the other day, you made sure to get us out on time for our appointment, and saved me a lot of stress.” Use this as a starting point on which you can continue to build daily. It’s ok to have repeats, after all, our partner can be repeatedly delightful, right?

2. Share Gratitude. Here is another way you can build on the Fondness and Admiration in your relationship to really bolster that second level of your Sound Relationship House.

How to:

Think of ways that you feel about how your partner relates to you, how he/she exists in the world, or just aspects of your partner that you’re thankful to experience and share that with them. It can be a simple statement like, “I appreciate the way you are always ready with a quick joke to lighten the mood.” or, “I love your beautiful hair.” For more ideas, get a free download of Fondness & Admiration Tips by signing up for the monthly newsletter.

I hope you found these simple ideas helpful. As you can see, it really does add up when you make a concerted effort to increase the positivity in your relationship, not because you can’t have negativity, but because you need that 5:1 ratio to keep things copacetic. You know the saying, “If you don’t have anything nice to say….”? My twist on that is, “If you have something nice to say, say it.” Follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and ideas.

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