The Power of Touch

I recently read an article about the power of touch and the question struck me, how often do we take for granted that modality of communication? What is it about touch that makes it such a powerful and versatile language? And how can we utilize it to its utmost to get the most benefit?

According to research, touch was considered a very accurate means of communicating emotion, something that in the counselor’s chair, I train and train and train my clients to be able to express adequately verbally. It’s challenging enough for some to identify their emotions, let alone share them with another person.

With the universal and instinctive language of touch, could some of that be changed? How can you start adding in a little touch to your closest relationships to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and increase emotional intimacy?

I highly recommend you read the article to learn more and make it a personal challenge to integrate healthy touch into your life.


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